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As a New Zealand company, your products are unique and amazing. However, you feel stuck here with unrealized dreams of international success. From disheartening attempts at exporting to flaky distributors, the frustration continues to mount. And, you feel totally lost when those Trade shows and meetings get you nowhere.

It’s not uncommon for exporters to experience these problems on their journey. You can’t fix them with Get Rich quick schemes either. But with proper planning, determination, and focus, you CAN achieve export success! I know because I’ve tasted it myself. I’d love to share my experience with you and help you realize your potential.



As a son of a foreign diplomat, I grew up in London, New York, Suva, Apia, Nukualofa and Tokyo. I was fortunate enough to be raised in a global environment. This allowed me to appreciate how incredible New Zealand is. Whether it’s our resilience, our beauty, or our ability to exceed expectations on the global stage, our country is like no other. While I’ve spent a lot of my life travelling and selling New Zealand products, nowhere beats home.



In the early 2000’s, me and some mates patented a clever piece of software that could replace lawyers. We spent 5 years trotting the globe, selling to some of the biggest banks, law firms and courts. This experience taught me about the uphill battles that New Zealand companies face when competing globally. From the thrill of a sale to the disappointment of a failed distributor, this ride was a roller-coaster.

For the past 13 years, I’ve worked with plenty of New Zealand business owners just like you. I’ve helped them realize their dreams, find new markets, and tell their fascinating stories to the world.

I also specialize in the US and Japanese market places. I thrive on the challenge of finding export success in your niche. Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked with FMCG, food and beverage, dietary supplements, skincare, and ingredients. Let’s talk about your global ambitions and how I can help you today!



Client Reviews

Alister started working with Manukora when it was just an idea. He helped us develop the brand, create an online footprint and find our markets. His experience helped us go to market a lot quicker than if we had tried to do it ourselves.
— Micheal Bell - CEO
Alister has worked with our team on multiple projects over the last 5 years. He has a unique ability to quickly grasp a brand idea and run with it. He has been involved in all aspects of product development, marketing, and online sales. I now regard him as my friend and will continue to work with him.
— Mikel Anderson
Alister was instrumental in driving the development of Perfectus Document Automation which was one of the first .NET based automation technologies. He had an excellent ability to explain complex technology issues to prospects, and then interpret customer requests into requirements that greatly simplified the process of enhancing our products.
— Tom Bartley